COVID-19: How We Are Helping You

Strategy9 is committed to supporting our customers during this difficult time. COVID-19 has impacted businesses across the world and will require us to adapt to our new circumstances. We want to assure our customers that they will continue to receive expert customer service and technical assistance.

We have also expanded our customer services to include full-service handling of all SMS and email promotions. Our team of SMS and email experts, developers, and designers will be available to assist you at all times. Whether you would like to send regular updates via SMS or email, we have you covered.

Our team wants to ensure your business thrives post COVID-19. We understand that you are dealing with a lot of changes and want to take communication management off of your plate.

How PlayerIQ Can Help You Today

 - Stay connected with SMS and email capability

 - Send regular updates to active and furloughed staff members

 - Keep customers engaged with promotional offers and updates

 - Easily gather new mobile numbers and email addresses

 - Turn codewords into actionable staff notifications

Not a Strategy9 Customer Yet?

We still want to offer you support and advice during this time. Contact us now to see how we can help you stay in touch with your staff and customers.

Contact our team to understand your options by emailing or chat with us using our chat function.

Have you seen our Queue Manager?

Our Queue Manager gives your casino the ability to effectivley eliminate lines, reduce congestion, and help protect your staff and your customers by easily allowing social distancing in places where you used to have lineups. At your player's desk. At your restaurants. At valet. At the taxi stand. Even at the cage. Anywhere you used to see lineups, you can use PlayerIQ's Queue Manager to reduce lineups and congestion. Plus, your customers don't have to leave a gaming position to get into a queue!

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