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Oct 17, 2018 Andrew White

We all get email (probably daily) from other loyalty programs from airlines, rental car companies, online retailers, traditional retailers, credit card companies, and many, many others. Most of us in the casino industry receive plenty of email from casinos all around the world. One of the differences we notice at Strategy9 is that many casinos aren’t using some of the techniques we see with other email marketing programs from non-casino companies. Let’s look at some of the email programs we suggest you implement right away if you’re not already sending them.

1. Monthly “Players Club” points statement

Now we all understand that some players won’t want to see a monthly summary of their gaming activity – but some will. Why not offer your players an option to receive this type of email? In it, you could include general points totals to show players how many points they earned, how and where they used them, and what their balance is at the end of the month. Perhaps this could be made available only to your top-tier customers, and ideally would be an excellent vehicle to promote all the great benefits of your loyalty program that encourages redemption. And more earning.

2. Club tier status progression

Most casino loyalty programs have multiple tiers. Many players are motivated to reach the next level. We know this is true, which is one of the reasons we have multiple tiers. Why not use email as a way to remind players where they stand within your tiers, and let them know how many points are required to move to the next level. It is a great way to maintain an upbeat conversation with your players. Who doesn’t want gold or platinum status, after all?

3. Achievement notification

Players love to win. They love to earn. They love to progress. Email is a great way to celebrate these achievements. You could allow players to subscribe to an “achievement” notification, which could recognize a big win or a new level. In fact, you could even use your bonus data to remind players how close they are to earning a new bonus on a particular game.

4. Tournament notifications

Strategy9 is famous for developing tournament systems. Why not automate tournament notifications by emailing customers reminders about their upcoming sessions, past scores, prizes, and leaderboards? Already have a tournament system? Strategy9 can help you automate this kind of notification service.

5. Available offers

Casinos send different offers to different customers. Some customers get more offers than others. Often times an individual player may have multiple offers available. A weekly or monthly email reminding customers which offers are waiting for them is a great way to encourage redemption and additional visits.

At Strategy9 we don't just have great technology solutions for casino marketing - we're also casino marketers. Rely on our years of experience combining technology, data, and creative to get the right message to the right customer at the best time.

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